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The bond between us brothers is what make Barbazza Fratelli today.

The core competency of Fratelli Barbazza lies in the ability to transform World goldsmith trends into new and innovative ideas to incorporate into the business. In addition, the brothers' commitment is to carry out a production system capable of creating up-to-date and modern products, while respecting the essence of the craftsmanship art. Fratelli Barbazza represents the place where tradition meets innovation for the creation of a brighter future.

Barbazza F.lli S.A.S. by Barbazza Roberto & C. was founded in 1978 in Italy. The roots of the family business can be found in Valenza, a small town in the North of Italy which symbolises quality of gold processing and jewellery. The business idea came from the desire of the seven young brothers to get involved in the making of something meaningful. Since then, the entire family contributed to the business by specializing themselves in skills that reflected everyone's capabilities.


The forthcoming projects concern the opening of new markets while creating something unique and in line with the tastes of a global clientele, and the training of a new generation that is prepared to face new challenges.



Our Values


Respect of the history and making of founders' expertise.

Constant innovation with respect for tradition.




Continue education as mean for business developments.

Research for new ideas as inspiration for product and production differentiation.



The use of new ideas and techniques combine traditional craftsmanship to new technologies.

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